Our Mission/Philosophy 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical care from birth through the end of college to the children of Livingston county and surrounding areas.  We strive to offer a patient centered medical home with flexible scheduling, competent and caring staff, select in-office testing, Electronic Medical Records, extended office availability (including the early morning, late evening and Saturday morning hours), 24-hour on-call service, and two convenient locations


We strive to create a welcoming environment that fosters appreciation of the cultural diversity of our patients, and helps meet the communication needs of our patients so they can understand the care that is received, participate effectively in their care, and make informed decisions.



Our Healthcare Team


Our staff includes 5 Pediatricians (all Board Certified), 3 Nurse Practitioners, and 2 Physician Assistants, as well as a pediatric nurses, an office manager, onsite billing staff and receptionists. We strive to apply caring, friendly attitudes and highly qualified technical skills to our patients’ care. We are committed to understanding the needs of our patients and are all here to serve you and your families. To meet our providers, visit the Provider page.



Our Commitment to You


We are committed to your child’s health. We provide a medical home for our patients, emphasizing preventative care. Preventing diseases is more rewarding and less costly than correcting a problem once it occurs.

We believe that a team approach is essential to provide the best care for our patients and we expect and encourage parents and other caregivers to ask questions and be active participants in the care of each child.



Our Commitment to Education


Stony Brook Pediatrics has a long history of mentoring medical students, nursing students, and physician assistant students. Teaching is an important aspect of our commitment to the community.  You may be asked during one of your visits to allow students to observe or participate in your child’s care, we are more than happy to have them step out of the room if for any reason you wish that they do so. Our patients are our first priority.



Electronic Medical Records


In order to provide efficient care to our patients, our practice uses an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This allows our patients to be seen at either office. It greatly improves our communication with other area providers, such as the specialists that help us care for our patients. It also means that we use very little paper: prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice during or immediately after your visit; School physicals and immunization records are sent electronically to your child’s school nurse or daycare. We are happy to provide paper copies at your request. Access to our EMR is available to our patients’ families through our secure patient portal.



Well Child Appointments


We believe that your child’s health can best be maintained through regular check-ups when well.  At these visits, we evaluate growth and development;  check hearing, vision, and speech;  promote good safety habits and accident prevention;  discuss anticipated changes in your child’s development and behavior;  evaluate school readiness;  prevent illness with immunizations;  and explore questions and concerns you may have about your child’s health, growth, development, and behavior.


For well child visits, most insurance plans cover the following visits:



Newborn               1 Week                    1 Month                 2 Month

4 Month                6 Month                9 Month                12 Month

15 Month              18 Month               24 Month              30 Month



Then every year from 3 Years until the end of college.


If you feel your child needs a schedule which differs from the one above, please discuss it with us. We take special pride in caring for children with special needs, and we strongly believe in a team approach with specialists, therapists, and the family to optimize their quality of life.



Routine Appointments


Most patients are seen by appointment.  Our phones open at 7:30 a.m. to schedule an appointment.  We offer same day appointments for sick or injured children. A child who has a medical emergency will be seen on an immediate basis.  If you need to have a second child in the family seen at the time of an appointment, please notify the secretary of this as soon as possible.
Evening and weekend care is reserved for children who become acutely ill during the day, and who cannot wait until the following day for care.  One of our Providers is available through our on call service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency calls. (585-335-6001)


We strive to assign patients to their primary physician first. For urgent appointments if your doctor is not in the office that day, you can choose to see any other available provider.



Telephone Calls


Telephone calls during office hours are initially answered by one of our receptionists. They are happy to assist you if you need to schedule an appointment or have a non-health related question. For medical questions during office hours, an experienced pediatric nurse is available to assist you or help you decide if your child needs to be seen at the office.
If you wish to consult one of our providers by telephone, feel free to leave a message; our providers may be busy seeing patients during office hours, but will respond to you as soon as possible.


If you have an question or concern regarding your child after office hours and need to speak to someone, your call will be forwarded to the Emergency Department at Noyes Health Services, where your information will be passed to our on-call nurse or provider. Expect our on-call provider to return your call within a few minutes. If someone does not return your call within 20 minutes, check in again.


For medical Emergencies, call 911.


DANSVILLE OFFICE:  585-335-5200


GENESEO OFFICE:  585-243-9340



Prescriptions & Referrals


If you are requesting a prescription refill, please have the name of the medication, the dose and amount of the medication needed, and the name of your pharmacy. Refills for some medications may require a visit with the physician first, and you will be informed of this by our staff.

When we refer your child to a specialist, our front desk staff will handle getting insurance approval if needed, and will attempt to set-up an appointment for you. Some Specialists require that the parent set-up the appointment, we will inform you of that.
If you are requesting a referral to a specialist for a condition which your pediatrician has not seen and/or treated, you may be asked to arrange an appointment with your pediatrician first.



Emergency Room Visits


Most childhood illnesses are best treated in the office where the patient is known and part of a medical home.  This includes many urgent injuries and illnesses; we provide room on our schedule every day to accommodate sick or hurt children. A nurse is always available to help decide what level of care your child needs. See our schedule to see our extended office hours. However, for emergencies our patients are seen at the Emergency Departments at Noyes Memorial Hospital or at Strong Memorial Hospital. There are also After-Hours Clinics at both Noyes Health Services and at the Livingston Health Services Building (both in same buildings as our offices), although we do have 24/7 phone coverage by a nurse or provider to address any questions or concerns you have.  You should make a follow-up appointment to see us in the office, within a few days of receiving treatment at an ER or an After-Hours Care Center.



Hospital Admissions


If your child is admitted to a hospital, you will be managed by another physician who should forward information to our office so that we can continue caring for your child after discharge from the hospital or emergency room.  This ensures continuity of care for your child. You should make a follow-up appointment to see us in the office within a few days after discharge from the hospital.



Labs and X-Rays


Stony Brook Pediatrics offers some in-office lab tests, such as hemoglobin, monospot, rapid strep testing, urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests and lead testing. Any additional lab work can be done at 2 sites run by Noyes Health Servies, located at the hospital in Dansville and the Livingston Health Services Building. You can also have a lab requisition printed for you, or faxed to the lab of your choice.

We routinely do Lead testing at 1yr and 2 year Well Child visits. We routinely do a hemoglobin test at the 12 Month Well Child Visit.


X-rays are usually done at the radiology department at Noyes Health Services or the Livingston Health Building. The x-rays are read typically the same day.



Our Commitment to Nondiscrimination

Stony Brook Pediatrics pledges that all patients will receive our best medical care from birth through college, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, gender-identification, age, or disability.