New Patients

Welcome to Stony Brook Pediatrics!


Thank you for choosing Stony Brook Pediatrics. We look forward to getting to know you and your family in the years ahead. We are committed to providing exceptional care in a welcoming environment that is friendly to all our patients, infants to graduates.


To encourage effective patient-provider communication, we offer CYRACOM interpretative services in most languages.


For new patients, we are able to save some time by filling out the new patient form prior to your first visit.


New Patient Registration Form


Formulario de Registro de Nuevo Paciente




You do not need to register your baby with our office before your baby is born.  Just let your obstetrician or nurse know that you have chosen our practice to care for your baby.  If you are delivering at Noyes Hospital, one of our providers will be in to see you and your baby within twenty-four hours of your delivery. If you deliver at another hospital, your care team should forward your baby’s records to us and assist you in setting up a newborn appointment with us before you leave the hospital.


We recommend that your baby’s first check-up be scheduled for 2-3 days after you leave the hospital. Be sure to bring a copy of your own insurance information. Your baby will be covered under your insurance for the first thirty days, but must be enrolled with your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Unless you do this within the first thirty days after your child is born, the child will have no insurance coverage under your policy!


Try to remember to bring any records from the hospital. Finally, be sure to let the receptionist know that you have a newborn so that they can get you into a room as soon as one is available.


A local community resource for expecting mothers is Noyes First Steps: nfs-brochure-update-2015


Patients Transferring From Other Offices


For older children who are new to the practice, you can print a Record Release Form, fill-in the information, and submit it to your previous doctor to have them forward your records to us. We require that records be sent to us before making your first appointment.  In the event that you need to be seen urgently before those records arrive at our office, please bring any copies of your child’s medical records that you have, particularly vaccinations, with you. The receptionist can make a copy of these to add to your child’s chart while you are waiting to see the doctor. Also remember to bring your current insurance card with you. This will help us expedite your insurance verification and help us get you seen as quickly as possible.


Prenatal Visits


Congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of your life.
We know how important it is to find a pediatrician that you feel comfortable with, and we welcome you to come in and meet with us before your baby is born.


Check out our “Expecting” page, and feel free to call us for a prenatal visit! Prenatal visits allow expectant parents to get acquainted with a doctor, tour our office, and ask questions regarding the birth of their baby. We’re sure you’ll feel confident in our staff and comfortable at our office.


To schedule a prenatal visit, simply call our office to schedule an appointment with the provider of your choice at a time that is convenient for you.




New Patient Registration Form


Record Release Form (Use when transferring in or our of Stony Brook Pediatrics) 


Teen Questionnaire (filled out by teen ages 12 to 18 at annual visits)



Your Child’s Medical Home


The medical home is best described as a philosophy of primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible, and focused on quality and safety. It is a place where patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion, and enable strong and trusting relationships with providers and staff.


Features of the Medical Home:




OUR Responsibilities:



PATIENT Responsibilities: (How to help us help you!)